Interested in fashion and embroidered textiles from an early age, I was fortunate in following this path throughout my working life, first in the fashion industry and later into teaching.  My textile printing practice incorporating hand stitching is a much more recent development. 


I am interested in how basic shapes and marks placed in a row or a grid create pattern.  I often use a single motif, used over and over again.  My current series, Along Similar Lines, investigates the use of the line (as the single motif), the negative spaces between the lines, and the rhythm created by repetition.


I like neatness, everything in its place, all carefully lined up, but also need a dash of wackiness, a bit of rebellion, things off kilter – chance, the unexpected and my deliberate hand altering the neatness and carefulness.  My work contains that orderliness, but an organic not a rigid order, so it is disrupted and disturbed – by changes in direction, in colour, in scale, in composition and in density.


Working with cloth is important to me: the texture and feel of the cloth and the process of stitching the same, or similar, marks repeatedly, builds repetition and brings a rhythm and depth to the process and the work.


In recent years I have exhibited at the Harley Gallery and at Thoresby Gallery both in Nottinghamshire.  I have been a member of Midlands Textile Forum (MTF) since 2015 and have exhibited with this group at various locations.  I have been a member of Rufford Art Society (RAS) since 2014 and have exhibited with them at Rufford Craft Centre.


I have also exhibited work with Committed to Cloth at Weedon, Northamptonshire and again with Committed to Cloth in the Virtual Studio at the Festival of Quilts, August 2016.

Exhibitions in 2018

NEC, Birmingham, March 2018 (with MTF)

Nottingham Society of Artists, Nottingham, May 2018 (with RAS)

Open Studio, as part of OSNotts18, May 2018

Nicholson Gallery, Leek, July - August 2018 (with RAS)

Globe Arts Gallery, Huddersfield, August - November 2018 (with Sketchbook Circle)


Exhibitions in 2017:

Artrix Gallery, Bromsgrove, January 3rd – 30th 2017 (with MTF)

Lally Gallery, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, March 2nd – April 18th 2017 (with MTF)

Nottingham Society of Artists Gallery, May 9th – 14th, 2017, (with RAS)

Caythorpe Village Church, Nottinghamshire, August 2017

Town Hall, Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire, August 19th – September 17th 2017 (with MTF)

Clumber Park (NT), Nottinghamshire, September 5th – 24th, 2017, (with RAS)


I am also demonstrating the technique of paper lamination with Committed to Cloth at the Festival of Quilts, August 2017


Contact Details:


FB: janetgilberttextiles


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